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CORNBELT® TANK AND EQUIPMENT CLEANER is available in a dry formulation in 6x4 pound cases and 12x1 pound cases and is also available in a liquid formulation in 4x1 gallon cases.

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CORNBELT® TANK AND EQUIPMENT CLEANER will clean and emulsify pesticide and adjuvant residues and bond them to the rinse solution to allow for complete rinsing and system purging with ordinary water.

CORNBELT® TANK AND EQUIPMENT CLEANER contains corrosion inhibitors, is tolerant to hard water and works well on metal, fiberglass and plastic spray systems as well as being safe to most painted surfaces. CORNBELT® TANK AND EQUIPMENT CLEANER removes light rust and at the same time leaves a protective film that helps prevent corrosion.

CORNBELT® TANK AND EQUIPMENT CLEANER neutralizes acid residues of pesticides, preparing the spray tank for the use of other products. Neutralization of residue spray materials will prevent damage from occurring to non-target plants.

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